Thursday, February 21, 2013

A little bit of February

This past month has been a little crazy. 
Even Gus wanted to get outta town!
He didn't end up getting out of town though. 
Only the Hubby and I did. 

First things first though. 
This month I put on a baby shower for a really good friend of mine. 
It was Jungle Themed for a Boy. Here are some pictures from the fun event!
The It's a Boy Banner I made. It turned out so darling!

My first diaper cake that I have ever made.
It was square instead of round, and turned out wonderful. 
Homemade Lion Sugar Cookies. (Yes, I did frost those myself)

The Monkey cookies

And my personal favorite...The Elephants.
A little Instagram to help piece all of the pieces together.
If you can't tell, I am really proud of my cookies. :)

Don't worry, there were other fun decorations. We had lots of yummy food to eat. Great company. Fun games to play. I thought it was quite the success for being the first time of throwing a baby shower. 

Now, onto our trip. Last weekend we had the awesome opportunity to go to Las Vegas with some other really good friends of ours. 
We left on Valentine's Day after the Hubby got off work, and our friend got out of school. 
We got there, checked into our hotel rooms and got all dressed up to go out to dinner at the yummy Max Brenner's.
All ready to go! For our Valentine's Dinner.
It was so much fun to get all dressed up for dinner with our friends. If you ever go to Max Brenner's there really isn't anything on that menu that you can go wrong with getting. Especially if you order the Mac'N'Cheese. It is delish! I got a pizza, and it was super yummy. 
The following day the hubby and I walked the strip. The weather was pretty nice. It was SUNNY! With a slight breeze...but so much better than the yucky cold weather in Utah. 
I decided that so far Vegas is probably my favorite place ever to people watch. There is always so much going on. So many different types of people. Yeah, it was pretty cool. After walking down the strip we met back up with our friends at the hotel and decided to go see a show. 

We ended up choosing Cirque Du Soleil's "O". It's their water based show.
It was absolutely beautiful. There was so much artistry that I can't even describe. There were parts that I literally thing I held my breath for long periods of time. 
*That's because the beauty took my breath away ;-) *
It was defiantly my favorite part of the whole trip.
Then we came home to nasty cold weather again. :-/ 
Oh well! It was extremely nice to get away even for a few days!

Other than that we have just been doing the same ole things. I am sure there are things I am forgetting to write about. oh well! I'll save them for next time!!