Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Man's Best Friend...Or Worst Nightmare

Dogs...are they really man's best friend? or are they just their worst nightmare.

**Disclaimer: If you are sick of seeing pictures of our dogs on my facebook, or instagram this post is Not for you.

As you know, we have 2 dogs. No kids, just dogs. I post pictures all the time showing what the dogs are up to, and how cute they are. We love our dogs so much. They can be a pain in the butt though. Time for a picture dump of all the things these dogs do AKA destroy.

Gus stealing the mail. 

And the cereal. Luckily it was empty.

They love the plastic bottles. 
Don't worry we keep a good eye on them 
and if there are any small pieces we 
won't let them swallow anything.

Old Shoes. Destroyed.

The supposedly "indestructible" pig from Costco. 
This happened in under 10 minutes.

The little phone book that was left on our front porch.

One of my favorite pair of casual shoes. 
They were up on a chair and Cozy found a way to get it.

Gus found the toilet paper roll. 

The latest and worst of all...
The hubby's super expensive and really nice work boots. 
Cozy got a hold of them, and now we have to go buy him new boots. 

I guess it is a good thing they are so cute. 
Otherwise...well, we won't even go there.

Alright, I think that the conclusion of my question is that dogs really are man's best friend, as well as their worst nightmare. Our dogs are the greatest and worst all at the same time. :-p if that's even possible. Have a fab day!

Monday, November 12, 2012

One. Packed. Weekend.

All the time people ask me what are you and "the man" always up to? Well, here is a very informational post on how we spent our weekend. :-)

"The Man" has a really interesting work schedule. It is always great when he has a weekend off. Whenever he does have a weekend off we try and plan something fun, or sometimes we let the weekend be a lazy one. Well, he had this weekend off and I was sure that I wanted to not have a lazy weekend and instead feel accomplished when it was over.

"The Man" and I did accomplish a lot this weekend. We worked really hard and got a ton done. Let me tell you a little bit about our weekend. :) I had made a list earlier in the week of some really key things that I wanted to do. This list really helped out.

Gus Playing in The Snow. 
On Friday we woke up to a little snow storm.
The console table I ordered a few days earlier had arrived. Thanks to left over wedding gift cards it was not much out of pocket for us. :) I put that together while the hubby was still sleeping. (He is on graves and stays up late even on his days off). When he woke up we went to go get some Ikea bookshelves to help with a project needing to get done. We put on the cover for the truck and headed up north to get the bookshelves. While we were at Ikea we also got some little decorations for other parts of the house including some for the front entry.
We also stopped by home depot for some paint on our way home.

The After picture
Now is when the fun begins. :) So we have two extra bedrooms in our house. One has been set up with an extra bed, and the other has been a junk room since we got married. While my husband put together the Ikea bookshelves I began to de-junk the room. It was a daunting task to say the least. I forgot to take a before picture. Just to give you an idea though - you couldn't see the floor.
We finished the room super late that night and moved all the books from that room to the bookshelves that are now located in the loft. We also cleaned out our linen closet.

On Saturday, I had some errands that I needed to run before we could get started.

The D.I. Pile
The hubby took the ginormous pile we had from the junk room to D.I.
Unfortunately, when we were loading up the car we forgot some things that needed to go, so we will be making another trip soon.
(Don't worry, the piano in the background was not taken to D.I.)

While he was gone I cleaned the entire upstairs. Dusting, Blinds, Baseboards, Vacuuming etc. I also vacuumed the entire downstairs.

The next project was about to start. We borrowed a huge ladder from our neighbors for this one. I began taping the front entry while the hubby worked on cleaning out the closest we have downstairs. I really wanted to paint the front entry to go with our wonderful board and batten that we put in a few weeks ago (I am still not ready to show the finished product but soon!) I talked the hubby into helping me with painting all the way up the awkward wall.. the one that is a vaulted ceiling. He is such a good man. We finished painting that and then we were headed to play with some friends and the hubby got a call out for his job. So, well he was gone I finished cleaning up the downstairs. I slept real well that night. ;-)

As you can see, it was a weekend full of hard work. It was so worth it though! All we need to do now is finish getting some extra junk out of the house and it will be even that much nicer. I gotta do a few more things to the front entry and then I will post the final picture. Everything looks great so far.
I love doing things with my husband. It is amazing how well we work together...especially when we are working on projects. We are really good at pushing through and getting things done fast. I sure do love my husband lots. :-)
And with that extremely long post, I am off! Have a fab day!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giving Thanks...

Yay for November!

The month where people post what they are thankful for everyday leading up to Thanksgiving. The month where people are much more aware of being kind and giving thanks. The month where we step back and realize how blessed we really are. The month where I will HOPEFULLY get my wedding thank you cards out. :)

Yes, that is right, I have 4 boxes of blank, un-written, un-addressed, un-stamped thank you cards and envelopes.
See for yourself

They have been sitting there on the counter just staring at me waiting for me to get them done.

Have I not done them because I am not thankful? No, that is defiantly not a reason because I am so incredibly grateful for every gift and helping hand through the whole process of planning a wedding.

Have I not done them because I don't have time? No, cause I really do have time to do them. :-/

Have I not done them because I have bad handwriting and I am embarrassed of it? That is a slight reason. I have never really loved my handwriting...please don't judge. :) 

Have I not done them because I am completely OVERWHELMED by the sight and idea of writing over 200 thank you's to the most wonderful people out there? Why yes!!! That is the exact reason. Writing so many thanks is overwhelming to me. I never realized how many people cared, how many people loved, how many people supported. It is a VERY  overwhelming thing.

Nonetheless, they must get done. Since it is close to Thanksgiving and Christmas I find it perfectly fitting to finally get started on those cards and get them sent A.S.A.P.

For those of you that may think I am ungrateful, understand that I am not. In fact I am very much the opposite. I am super grateful, just VERY overwhelmed with getting started.

Look forward to getting thanks in your mail boxes shortly. *Crosses Fingers* Hopefully!

With that, I remind you all to find ways to thank those around you, and to give when impressed to. Sometimes we may not realize it, but there are many that have lots less than what we may have.

And with that, I am going to be giving lots of thanks this month!

Love, ME!