The Dogs

Dog 1 - is Miss Cozy. She is about 4 years old (come December 2012). She is a beautiful black lab, and anything but cozy. She loves playing fetch and will not pay attention to anything else if there is a ball in sight. She is awesome at hiking with my husband, and also at swimming. There is one thing that Cozy LOVES more then anything including playing fetch, and that is FOOD. Doesn't matter if it is the nasty dog food or yummy people food, she will snarf it up!

Dog 2 - is Mr Gus, or GusMan, or Gufsterson. He is the newest addition to our family. He is about 5 months old now. He is a bundle of joy about 90% of the time. He is a Morkie Poo (Maltese, Poodle and Yorkie all thrown into one). He is working on his potty training but still has quite a bit of work. He loves giving attitude so if you get mad at him expect him to throw a temper tantrum and bark right back at you. You may think that he and Cozy would have issues but, fortunately they are the best of friends. Some of the things that Gus hates are: Being in water, The Vacuum, The Lawn mower, Loud trucks passing by the house, well actually anything loud really. Cozy has been showing him what's up though. For example Cozy was going for the swim the other day and Gus wanted to be with Cozy so badly that he jumped into the water and swam for a few seconds. He has such a great love for his Cozy.

Now, although this dynamic duo sound like the best of dogs ever they can be quite destructive. Cozy will shred anything to pieces if given the opportunity. Gus follows along and eats all the little pieces Cozy leaves for him. This picture is a supposedly indestructible stuffed pig. . . It was destroyed in under 10 minutes.

               All in all, they love each other, and we love them.