Our Story

My husband and I met at the Texas Roadhouse in Lehi in December 2010. Neither of us worked there but, we just happened to be there on the same night. He was doing a donation collection with his work to provide underprivileged kids with gifts for Christmas. I was there eating with my roommate. He happened to be one of many that came to our table to let us know what they were collecting money for that night. In a nutshell he ended up getting my number as my roommate and I were leaving. After about a month we went on our first date, many more dates came soon after that. We got engaged in April 2011. After a year long engagement we got married April 2012. Having gotten married this year we have started to find things that we love to do together. This summer we started a new hobby, Rock Climbing. I have yet to do indoor but with the weather getting cold I assume it will happen soon. We have been working on projects all around the house. My husband is quite the handyman. We also have two wonderful dogs that you can learn more about on our "The Dogs" tab. I hope you enjoy reading about us and our adventures.