Friday, May 17, 2013

Missin My Kitchen

My first post since getting all moved into our Fort Worth apartments. I have really been enjoying Texas so far. I have been hit with allergies (not so cool). The other night we had a fabulous thunderstorm which I loved..(but finding out the next morning that 6 people were killed and 100+ injured by tornadoes only 50 miles from us was really sad and slightly scary). My heart goes out to those families that have been affected by the tornadoes. Most of all I am just loving and soaking up the humidity. It is glorious. A lot of you are probably thinking "are you serious??" and to that I respond
"Completely!!!" :)
I grew up in Kansas where it was humid so much of the time. So, I literally am LOVING being in humidity again.
The apartments we are in are fun. There are plenty of dogs here. Which can make for interesting potty trips for Gus and Cozy. They love to now take their time and SNIFF everything. Quite annoying but it's alright.
This post isn't about the dogs, it's about the Kitchen.

I secretly, and also not so secretly love to cook.
In Utah I had finally figured out where everything needed to go in my kitchen to have the almost perfect zen and flow while I cooked and cleaned. In my packing to come out to TX I brought A LOT of my kitchen items (but I still feel like I don't have enough). I guess that I have brought way more kitchen stuff than any of the other wives. I feel slightly weird about that, but then I think about if I didn't have the things I brought I would end up having to buy them because I would have issues without them.
Back to my zen and flow from Utah...
Although there were things in my kitchen that I would get frustrated about here and there it wasn't a big deal compared to my kitchen here in Fort Worth. The kitchen here is nice, and it has some nice features. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, it is a really good size for an Apt, and it could be a whole lot worse. Things are just in really weird places.
For example
the disposal switch,
in relation to the sink
which if the dishwasher is open
you can't get to it,
and you have to use the disposal like 10 times when doing dishes because the sink fills up with water.
And when you use the disposal it shakes the entire counter top,
the soap then falls into the dirty dish water that you are trying to get rid of,
and you now are splashed with dirty dish water.
Kind of a nightmare, and it's only one example.

To say the least, I have been really missing my kitchen. LOTS.
I was comfortable in my kitchen in Utah, and there were places for almost everything. I am hoping I will be able to figure a system out soon for my cooking and cleaning. I do look forward to getting back to my kitchen after the summer.

Other than that things are going well. I did the drive to TX in 20 hours of straight driving.
The dogs did great!
We are all happy to be back together as a family. =)

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  1. Glad you are there safe and enjoying the weather. I didn't realize the tornado was so close to you guys. Glad it wasn't closer. Have fun adjusting :) Miss you guys!